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[x] You must join the community to vote/apply.
[x] No flaming/insulting other members.
[x] Upload stamps to your own server.
[x] Please try to avoid long comment conversations on applications; it makes the total amount of votes misleading.


[x] Please keep all applications under an lj-cut (if it's not working properly, make sure you're in HTML instead of Rich text mode).
[x] Please give thoughtful answers (it is difficult to vote on you personality if you answer in one or two words)
[x] Please be truthful; don't write your applications to fit a certain character's personality, that's not the point of his community. If you post an application which is clearly biased towards a character (ex: you put your interests as "boomerangs, meat, and being a Water Tribe warrior!") or if you troll others, you will be stamped as Foaming Mouth Guy.
[x] You will be stamped after 5 votes for the same character or after an extensive amount of time has elapsed.
[x] Once you are stamped, please continue voting! Voting is what keeps communities like this alive, after all.
[x] You may re-apply as many times as you wish, but please wait a minimum of two weeks before reapplying for the same application.
[x] Once you're stamped you may apply for the monthly themes. (This month: Sibling Mirror)

Note: On the 8th of every month, all themes are reopened. You can find the list of recycled themes here.


[x] You do not have to be stamped to vote.
[x] Please bold that names of the characters.
[x] Don't sheep vote and try to give a reason as to why you are voting the way you are.
[x] Please try not to vote more than two characters per application.
[x] There are multiple lists of stamped members due to changes in administration. Depending on when you applied, you'll be on a different one. (I apologize for how confusing this is.)
-The original with links (last updated 01/07)
-The second without links (lasted updated 02/08)
-Every application since then has been tagged.
[x] To easily see which applications are still open for votes, see the NEEDS VOTES tag.


* images used in application are credited to svimmelhet and the current layout is from here.