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Ahoy, I'm Admiral Co-mod, and this be a bending style theme!

Since the main moderator has yet to protest, I present the first theme:

The same general rules apply, except you can put anything you want in the subject header.

The theme will run until the end of the month, and I apologize for being a few days late; I had other issues to attend to.

If you need help with deciding your votes, here's the characteristics of each element according to Iroh in Bitter Work.

Fire - Element of Power
Dominant traits: Desire, will, drive
Notable Firebenders: Iroh, Azula, Jeong Jeong, Ozai, Zuko

Water - Element of Change
Dominant traits: Adaptability, strong sense of community
Notable Waterbenders: Pakku, Katara

Earth - Element of Substance
Dominant traits: Strength, persistence, endurance
Notable Earthbenders: Toph Bei Fong, King Bumi, Long Feng, General Fong

Air - Element of Freedom
Dominant traits: Lack of worldly concerns, peaceful
Notable Airbenders: Aang, Monk Gyatso

I added who everyone was originally stamped as to make up for how the real stamped members list hasn't been updated in eons. If I've made a mistake or you've been restamped, you can reply here to have the information corrected.


alice_c_hale-- Song
couleurmonvie-- Meng/Sokka
crsg-- Mai
sweet_elphaba-- Suki
saiita-- Ursa
dungeonwriter-- Song
fallnmorninstar-- Yue
ladysoubi-- Aang
mondaisenshi-- Meng
mourningmonday-- Jet
niles-- Jet
night_neko-- Aang
flag-- Haru
rebbe-- Ty Lee
redjenny-- Aang
rock_lee_554-- King Bumi
sweetness_fairy-- Ty Lee
fawned-- Haru
theatershadow25-- Zuko
westeh-- Sokka
koyaaniisqatsi-- Aang


autumn_jazzmoon-- Zhao
beruche-- Azula
cole_skyheart-- Katara
icy_flares-- Mai
jumbyjumby-- Jun
madamemauvais-- Mai
megami_maxwell-- Iroh
orgrimmar-- Jun
nyazers-- Azula
ozbourne-- Sokka
sacryde-- Toph
xlovelylightx-- Toph


1jennyfan--The Earth King
ama_kudari-- Sokka
athenaaltena-- Iroh
austere_flare-- Toph
breyzyyin (Breyzy)-- Toph
funkyfunkyusopp-- King Bumi
jihi_chan-- Katara
maddie_san-- Jet
moonserpent-- Zuko
native_outlaw-- Mai
the_404_error-- Long Feng
trousseaux-- Sokka
zorrotailsy-- Ty Lee


_mrowr-- Sokka
anandaphoenix-- Piandao
breyzyyin (Yin)-- Aang
demytasse-- Sokka
greyrook-- Ty Lee
sea-- Ursa
heystella-- Iroh
steotrron-- Katara
liquidverve-- King Bumi
mewithe-- Aang
pi90katana-- Toph
pinkified-- Ty Lee
vesperia-- Ty Lee
sakuraberries-- Aang
bouncy_erbear-- Aang
sandwich14-- Jin
tomoyoichijouji-- Sokka
trysena-- Sokka
typhlogirl-- Katara

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