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Sifu Mirror Theme

Name: Sol
What skill (or personality trait) do you hope to improve/change by applying to our teacher finding services?: Physical strength for sure; I'm tired of feeling puny. A bit more backbone would rock too. I know I can take up for myself, but I still try to dodge around a lot.
Can you handle an intense near all-day schedule or do you prefer a more laid-back one that lasts for more days?: Heck yeah all day training, bring it on! I'll work 'til I drop.
You do something your master considers either unwise or morally questionable. Do you mind if they question you about it and try to advise you to change your ways?: Yes, as long as I stand a chance in arguing my case.
Are you interested in becoming emotionally attached to your teacher?: Possibly.
Do you mind if they have a bit of a temper?: Of course not; temper in my master brings out more determination in me.
If you could master any of the fighting/bending styles in Avatar, which would it be and why?:: Earthbending, definitely. I've always related to a more stubborn defense system, and the 'be immovable' mentality is one I strive to live up to.
The best that money can buy or being taught by someone you've seen the skills of with your own eyes?: I believe so, yes. Practice what you preach, and I will be more inclined to listen.
Would you rather be taught in a group with other people or individually? Individually. I learned pretty quick that I'm awful in a group setting - Give me one-on-one attention!
Ah, finally time for a break. What do you want to do with your sifu?: Just relax a little, maybe take a nap.

Would you rather them be...

Creative or Traditional: Creative
Stern or Passive: Stern
Fun loving or Serious: Fun-Loving
Outgoing or Reserved: Outgoing
Hands on or Indirect: Hands-on!
Spontaneous or Planned: Spontaneous
Into Tea or Onion and Banana Juice: Tea please. xD

If you were originally stamped as one of the options for this theme, do you mind teaching yourself?: I'm new here. =)
Please post the links to 3 recent applications you've voted on:

Voting reminder: You can view all the options here.


Avatar Mirror
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Also remember that all themes are reopen on the 8th of each moth!

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