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Restamp! :3

Name: Caitlin
Age: 15
Likes: Writing, reading, fantasy, sci-fi, chocolate, literature, etc...
Dislikes: SPIDERS! And snakes. >_<
Strengths: Hmm... I'm good with words, if that can be counted as a strength. I'm also pretty smart for my age, I suppose. :3
Weaknesses: I'm too stubborn at times... and I'm often too shy to speak up or speak my mind. >_>
What compliments do you frequently receive?: Many people tell me I'm too nice (they mean it as a negative comment, but I always view it as a positive one, lol!). All of my teachers call me a good writer, too.
... and what negative comments do you often hear?: As mentioned above, sometimes I can be too stubborn... mainly it's my parents who call me this, though. |D
Please post the links to three recent applications you've voted on:


Leader or Follower?: Follower who can lead if necessary.
Idealist or Realist?: Definitely more of an idealist.
Lover or Fighter?: Lover. x3 Although I think fighting is way cool.
Cautious or Impulsive?: Very cautious. I always think things through before I act on them.
Mature or Immature?: Mature, haha! Sometimes I think I'm the only mature one out of my friends.
Forgiving or Grudge holding?: Forgiving. It's not in my nature to hold a grudge for longer than a day, haha!
Optimist, Pessimist, or Realist?: Eh, out of these, I'd probably be more of a realist.

Favourite Avatar character and why: Zuko, 'cause he kicks ass. x3 But I also love Ty Lee. <3 She's adorable and I love her.

Least Favourite Avatar character and why: I dunno... I always hate picking least favorite characters. >_<

Favourite Avatar episode and why: Any and all episodes with Zuko and Katara in them. *_* Also the finale, of course. :3

Do you see yourself as a Firebender, Waterbender, Earthbender or Airbender and why: Hmmm... I sort of see myself as more of a waterbender or airbender ('cuase I daydream a lot and am probably more graceful, like water), although I'd love to be an earthbender 'cause they're cool. xP

If you could have one character as your teacher, who would it be and why?: I've always thought that Roku would be AWESOME to have as a teacher... he's so wise and kind, which I what I try to strive to be like each day.

Given the choice, would you rather have peace or power (or even neither) and why?: What a hard questions! My first instinct would be to choose peace, but I think it's human instinct that peace never lasts. So if I choose power, would I have the power to control the peace? *is looking way too much into things*

Now you're offered to either take a ride on Appa or go study for a bending test tomorrow. Your choice? Honestly, I'd study for a bit, then go ride Appa. I usually do pretty well on tests, regardless of whether or not I study or not.

You hear a popular rumor about a mystic flower which will, without a doubt, make your romantic interest more interested in you. You... don't go find the flower, like doubtless many others would have. I'd rather have my romantic interest like me for who I am, without magic charm, thank you very much.

Someone has thrown you a surprise birthday party! They've invited several people who they've met along their travels, but who you are unacquainted with. How do you react during the party in general? :/ I'd try to appear happy and friendly, but I don't do well around new people in general, so I'd be dying inside. >_<

You're going to fight your most powerful enemy tomorrow. What do you spend the day doing?: Preparing? Thinking of ways to get out of it? As I've said, fighting isn't something I like doing.

While on an important task, you come across a stranger being attacked by a group of enemy benders. You...: help him! I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I just let him be attacked...

... and now you find someone collapsed on the road near your home! Today is not a good day for random strangers. Do you do anything about this?: Of course! I'd help random stranger #2 up and see if he's conscious. If he looks harmless enough, I'd help him into my house and go from there. :3
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