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Sifu Mirror Theme

Name: Sol
What skill (or personality trait) do you hope to improve/change by applying to our teacher finding services?: Physical strength for sure; I'm tired of feeling puny. A bit more backbone would rock too. I know I can take up for myself, but I still try to dodge around a lot.
Can you handle an intense near all-day schedule or do you prefer a more laid-back one that lasts for more days?: Heck yeah all day training, bring it on! I'll work 'til I drop.
You do something your master considers either unwise or morally questionable. Do you mind if they question you about it and try to advise you to change your ways?: Yes, as long as I stand a chance in arguing my case.
Are you interested in becoming emotionally attached to your teacher?: Possibly.
Do you mind if they have a bit of a temper?: Of course not; temper in my master brings out more determination in me.
If you could master any of the fighting/bending styles in Avatar, which would it be and why?:: Earthbending, definitely. I've always related to a more stubborn defense system, and the 'be immovable' mentality is one I strive to live up to.
The best that money can buy or being taught by someone you've seen the skills of with your own eyes?: I believe so, yes. Practice what you preach, and I will be more inclined to listen.
Would you rather be taught in a group with other people or individually? Individually. I learned pretty quick that I'm awful in a group setting - Give me one-on-one attention!
Ah, finally time for a break. What do you want to do with your sifu?: Just relax a little, maybe take a nap.

Would you rather them be...

Creative or Traditional: Creative
Stern or Passive: Stern
Fun loving or Serious: Fun-Loving
Outgoing or Reserved: Outgoing
Hands on or Indirect: Hands-on!
Spontaneous or Planned: Spontaneous
Into Tea or Onion and Banana Juice: Tea please. xD

If you were originally stamped as one of the options for this theme, do you mind teaching yourself?: I'm new here. =)
Please post the links to 3 recent applications you've voted on:

Voting reminder: You can view all the options here.
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Mod Post: Mirror Spirit Theme!

Hey guys!
Sorry for the delay! The change in moderation as well as the onslaught of midterms had be caught by surprise this month! I’d like to introduce this month’s theme. Once again it will be a mirror (quickest and easiest to do in this rushed time). I looked at the last poll and you guys wanted to do a mirror based on the spirits of avatar. So this month’s theme is the Spirit Mirror! Please see the following for a list of possible stamps (under the cut). I’ve included the spirits who aren’t in human form because some people are just super cute like that ^^ So don’t restrict yourself that way!

As usual:
-Do not insult someone because of their appearance. This will result in a ban.
-To help with voting on this theme, try to think of characters who look similar to the applicant, but have noticeable differences. (Ex: Siblings can have similar features, but drastically different expressions.)
-It's not required, but try to post at at least one facial and one body shot.
-Please wait 24 hours if 6 applications have already been posted that day.
-Again, please explain the reason behind your votes-- however brief in the case it may be for photographs.
-Do not post any other themes until the 8th unless specified otherwise.
-Put "Spirit Mirror" in the subject line in order to avoid confusion.

The follow applications DESPERATELY need votes:


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Mod Post

Hey Guys! -waves- I just wanted to introduce myself. Some of your guys have seen me around here within the community over the past few months (since the summer), but I'm now going to be helping out as a co-mod. I realize it's October already so I'll be working quickly to get a new theme up for you guys. (It will be a mirror theme like last month) I apologize for the tardiness. If you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to ask! Just as a reminder all theme posts are re-opened until the 8th!

Mod Post

I've attempted this before, but to no avail, but seeing as I'm likely going to have no internet access at all for most of October (and possibly some of November), I'd really appreciate having an active co-mod. Plus, since I have little interest in Avatar anymore, I'd love to find someone a little more motivated about this as that might increase activity as well. Fill out this application if you're interested:

Apologies for the job-like application form, but without it we tend to just get co-mods who disappear less than a week after becoming mods. All comments are screened.

Also, I've updated quite a lot of the applications. Many have some changed questions, but the regular application (see: user info), bending theme (it was originally purposely short since this was one of the first fandom communities to try themes-- I wanted to test it and see how it went first), and antagonist theme got the most revamps. Feel free to reapply for anything!